The Golden City

The Golden City

[capo 2]


Em           D                 Am/Am2

Soon your trials will be over

Em           D                 Am/Am2

Offered up by mercy’s hand

C             D                                      G

Let Him heal you where you’re standing

C              Em                D/D2

A doorway to another land


 Em               D                           Am/Am2

The sweetest welcome from the Father

Em           D                   Am/Am2

Gathered up and carried home

C               D                              G

We have come to this time of waiting

C                    Em                       D/D2

Come let us bow before Your throne (chorus)



               Em                         G                  D             D

We will meet in the golden city, in the new Jerusalem

             C                          D                       Em

All our pain and all our tears will be no more

              Em                            G                           D                 D

We will stand with hosts of heaven and cry, “Holy is the Lamb

               C                 D                   Em

We will worship and adore You evermore


Em     D                           Am/Am2

Never can the powers of darkness

Em           D               Am/Am2

Neither death nor even life

C                   D                   G

Let nothing ever separate us

C              Em               D/D2

From the holy love of Yah (chorus)






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