Shalom – Peace

The word “peace” comes from the Hebrew word “shalomשָׁלוֹם (H7965) meaning “completeness, soundness, welfare, peace, wholeness, prosperity, contentment, quiet, and tranquility.”

Peace hebrew

Shalom is derived from the Hebrew primitive root word “shalam” שָׁלַם (H7999) meaning “to make whole, restore, compensate, to be or make complete.” Literally, shalom is the result of “devouring chaos’s binding/yoke” and thus, leaving you with completeness, wholeness, and peace.
The first time shalom appears in the scriptures is in Genesis 15:13-15:
Beresheit (Genesis) 15:13-15:
(13) He said to Avram, “Know for sure that your seed will live as foreigners in a land that is not theirs, and will serve them. They will afflict them four hundred years.
(14) I will also judge that nation, whom they will serve. Afterward they will come out with great substance.
(15) But you will go to your fathers in shalom. You will be buried in a good old age.
– The word “shalom” here is well represented. At the completion of the years Avram (Abram), later to be renamed Avraham/Abraham, he would die a whole and righteous man who walk with Elohim all the days of his life. We also see the prophesy of the Children of Yisra’el’s captivity in Mitsrayim (Egypt) and that affliction is truly the opposite of shalom.

Here are some Scripture examples of shalom:

Bemidbar (Numbers) 6:24-26:
(24) May Yahweh bless you, and keep you.
(25) May He make his face to shine on you, and show you favour.
(26) May He lift up his face toward you, And give you shalom.’
Iyob (Job) 5:24: You shall know that your tent is in shalom. You shall visit your fold, and shall miss nothing.
 Tehellim (Psalms) 4:8: In shalom I will both lay myself down and sleep, For you, Elohim alone, make me live in safety.
 Tehellim (Psalms) 29:11: Yahweh will give strength to his people. Yahweh will bless his people with shalom.
 Tehellim (Psalms) 119:165: Those who love your Torah have great shalom. Nothing causes them to stumble.
Mishlé (Proverbs) 12:20: Deceit is in the heart of those who plot evil, but joy comes to the promoters of shalom.
 Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 26:3: You will keep him in perfect shalom, whose mind is stayed on you; because he trusts in you.
Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 45:7: I form the light, and create darkness; I make shalom, and create evil. I am Yahweh, who does all these things.
Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 55:12: For you shall go out with joy, and be led forth with shalom: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing; and all the trees of the fields shall clap their hands.]


 There are many more examples, throughout the Scriptures, that speak to the fullness of shalom. Please take your time and study it out for yourself to get a better understanding. May Yahweh bless you with shalom all the days of your life.