Lost – avad

The Hebrew word “avadאָבַד (H6 – ä·vad) means “to perish, vanish, go astray, be destroyed, be lost, strayed, to destroy, kill, cause to perish, to give up (as lost), exterminate, to blot out, do away with, or cause to stray.”

lost hebrew

  The literal meaning of the picture of “avad” is the “strong movement of the house.” Imagine if you left your house for work and it was not there when you returned, that is the concrete meaning of “avad.” You would be lost, separated from your family, separated from your home.

First occurrence of the word “avad”

Shemoth (Exodus) 10:7:  Pharoah’s servants said to him, “How long will this man be a snare to us? Let the men go, that they may serve Yahweh their Elohim. Don’t you yet know that Mitsrayim is destroyed?
– The servants of Pharoah plead with him to let the Children of Yisra’el go for the plagues of Mitsrayim (Egypt) was destroying everything they had. They feared being lost to the destruction of the Destroyer of Elohim all because of the hard-heartedness of one man!


 There are over 180 occurrences of the word “avad” in the scriptures, so I will not go through each and everyone for brevity’s sake. Please take the time to explore the scriptures to understand the word “avad” so that you are not “lost.” Keep the love of Yahweh close to you and you will never stray from your home! Shalom Aleichem!