Word Studies

This page is dedicated to study of familiar words/themes in Hebrew, to derive the original meaning of the words in the context which they are found. Please check back soon, there is more to come. Shalom Aleichem!
Aman – Believe
Avad – Lost
Chen – Grace
Dakah – Contrite
Derek – The Way
Olam – Forever
Gadal – To Grow and Become Great
Ga’own – Pride
Sane – Hate
Devash – Honey
Kavad – Honor
Padah – Redeem
Purge From Your Midst – Ba’ar
Repent and Turn Back
Righteousness and Rightness
Sabbath – Rest
Sha’ar – Remain/Remnant
Shakach – Forget
Shalom – Peace
Tome – Integrity
Tsemach – Branch
Shav – Vain

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