Thematic Studies

Studies posted here will revolve around certain themes central to the Scriptures.
Adoption and Inheritance
The Armor of the Almighty
Blessing and Birthright
Faith and a Boat
Great Hunters – Enemy of the Seed of Elohim
Kepha (Peter) – Another from Yapho
Messenger of Elohim
Plagues of Egypt – Assault on the Mythical Pantheon of Mitsrayim
Refined in Fire – 2 Silver Trumpets
Shelter of His Wings
Squatters of Yisra’el
The Cup Only Messiah Could Drink
The Two Witnesses of the Almighty


Thematic Studies Series

The “Tree” Series:
               The Tree that was Cursed
               The Terebinth Tree – Seeking wisdom of the Almighty

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