The Good News Series

…”The time is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of Elohim is at hand! Repent, and believe in the Good News” (Marços (Mark) 1:15)
    This section will be studies dedicated as The Good News series. The study was started by a brother and I and I am pleased to bring it to you. It will be broken into several, manageable parts for study, reflection, and instruction. As with the other studies, please hover of the menu above and select the study you wish to view, or select from the study links below. I pray that you find each challenging and enriching to your spiritual walk. May Yahweh bless you and Keep you. Shalom Aleichem!
The Good News of Yahushua the Messiah – The Beginning
The Good News – Prediction of Yochanan (John) the Immerser
The Good News – Birth of Yochanan and Heralding of Yahushua
The Good News – Genealogies of Messiah and Registration of Yisra’el
The Good News – Birth of Messiah and the Wrath of Herodes
The Good News – Presentation in the Temple and the Preaching of a Child
The Good News – Word of Yochanan and Immersion of Yahushua the Messiah
The Good News – The Testing of Yahushua by the Adversary
The Good News – Behold the Lamb of Elohim
The Good News – Gathering of First Apostles & Wedding of Qanah
The Good News – Pesach in Yerushalayim and Meeting with Nakhdimon (Nicodemus)
The Good News – Squabble amongst Taught Ones and Decrease of Yochanan
The Good News – Fishers and Healers of Men
The Good News – No Prophet is Accepted in His Own Country
The Good News – Yahushua and the Woman by the Well
The Good News – Accusations of Blasphemy and Calling of Mattityahu
The Good News – The Bridegroom and The Son who does as His Father
The Good News – Coming in the Name of the Father – The Witness of the Messiah
The Good News – Tearing Down the Hedge Around the Sabbath
The Good News – Sermon on the Mount
The Good News – How to Act and How to Pray
The Good News – Fear not tomorrow, Withhold judgment, Bear Good Fruit
The Good News – Restoration of Health and Life
The Good News – The Report to Yochanan and the Reproach of Cities
The Good News – Tears of Cleansing upon Messiah’s Feet
The Good News – Fruit and Seed and Who is my family
The Good News – A House Divided cannot Stand
The Good News – a Reproof, a Sign, and a Question
The Good News – The Parable of the Sower
The Good News – The Reign of Elohim Parables
The Good News – Entanglements of Death and the Demonic
The Good News – Restoration to Life
The Good News – Sheep Amongst the Wolves
The Good News – Dying unto Righteousness- The Death of Yochanan
The Good News – Miracle of Fish and Bread
The Good News Series – Faith, Water, and The Bread of Life
The Good News – The Bread of Life Come Down from Heaven
The Good News – Inside & Outside of Men
The Good News – Healing Miracles in Tsor and Tsidon
The Good News – Signs and Sight: Seeing but do not See
The Good News – Belief is the Power of Healing
The Good News – Stumbling Blocks, Taxes, & Pride
The Good News – I Once was Blind but Now I See
The Good News – Transfiguration and Revealing of Moshiach

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