Why Must I?

Why must I be humbled, to become humble? Why must I fall and stumble, to learn to stand upright? Why must I be shamed, to learn what is honor? Why must I be broken, to learn to be whole? Father let your compassion abound, let your light shine, Let your unending love fill this heart … More Why Must I?

Blessed are the Meek

Matthew 5:3: Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.    When discussing the concept of meekness, many emotions are stirred at the core of individuals. Some interpret “meekness” as weakness, a lack of boldness, and/or the inability to be proud of oneself. A sense of outright indignation comes out of those that are … More Blessed are the Meek

INJUSTICE does not Breed Justice – Just More Injustice

  Our good friend Noah Webster defined the word injustice as:            1 :  absence of justice :  violation of right or of the rights of another           2 :  an unjust act  If you tune into your favorite news or media outlet, you are bound to find something about social outrage, injustice, discrimination, cultural … More INJUSTICE does not Breed Justice – Just More Injustice

Casting Stones!

 How convenient it is today to cast words like biblical stones. Words like “bigot,” “racist,” “discrimination,” “religious radicals,” “insensitive,” “culturally ignorant,” and other words and phrases used to marginalize other members of the “human condition” simply because they do not agree with a certain point of view. Ethnocentrism, sexuality-based movements, sex-specific movements, inflammatory religion-based movements, … More Casting Stones!