1st Maccabees

 1st Maccabees is a beautiful story of the zealousness of Yahweh’s people and priests for His Torah, His set-1-Maccabees picapart place, and His set-apart city -Yerushalayim. Men like Yehudah (Judas) Maccabeus were zealous like Phinechas (Phineas) there forefather, a warrior priest in the Spirit of Messiah! I pray you in enjoy this Hebrew/Sacred names version. Please note that are footnotes included to some of the scripture verses to add additional information or scriptural references.

Chapter selections:

1st Maccabees – Chapters 1-4
1st Maccabees – Chapters 5-8
1st Maccabees – Chapters 9-12
1st Maccabees – Chapters 13-16