Doing what our Father tells us to!

Torah Scroll

There was  a little boy that lived in a community where the neighbors had a sort of neighborhood watch.  Day after day and week after week this little boy would sit in the living room window and watch the other children in the neighborhood play outside.  He wanted to go outside so bad, but he was forbidden by his father.  Often times, his father was almost harsh with the little boy when he would not listen and would repeatedly ask to go outside.  Often times the neighbors, especially the stay at home moms, would watch and see how upset the little boy was and how the father was so harsh with him, or at least that is what they thought.  One day, when the little boy was particularly upset and was sitting in the window crying, a group of these stay at home moms got together and decided to “rescue” this little boy.  On the day they determined to enact their rescue, they came as a group and knocked on the door.  The father kindly let the 3 women in as they often came to visit and fellowship as he was a recent widow.  While the father went into the kitchen to get refreshments for the women, they whispered to the little boy and told him to come with them.  Then they sneaked out the front door quietly.  They drove the little boy in the direction of a park that was not too far from their neighborhood.  As they were driving, the little boy, who was sitting in the back seat with the other 2 women, started gasping for air and he started turning blue.  The 3 women panicked and rushed to the local emergency hospital.  The emergency room staff hurried to help the little boy into a room and put him on oxygen.  Fortunately for the little boy, the attending physician on duty happened to also be his doctor.  The doctor asked the little boy: “What are you doing outside of your home?” “Where is your dad?” “You know you should never be away from your home and the life saving air purifiers and equipment your dad has to help you!”

This is how Yahweh is with us.  We are all frail little children with desires for things that will harm us.  He puts safe guards around us to keep us safe and often times He has to be a little “harsh” with us, but He knows us inside and out.  His Torah is one of those protections that keep us safe and protected by the blood of Yahushua if we will just listen and remain in it!   So many times we rely on our own understanding and do what we think is best instead of consulting His word or His Ruach Ha’kodesh.  We end up in the place like this little boy.  Time after time He comes and rescues us when we do not even know He is there.  But some have suffered grave injury because of choices they have made and the road to recovery becomes quite difficult.  It does not have to be that way!

If we can all take the time to be more aware of His word, especially His Torah, we will all be better off.  Jeremiah 29 is one of those passages of scripture that really speaks to this.  Often people will only focus on vs. 11-13, but the whole chapter has so much to teach us.  May you consider what it has to say and may you become more dependent on Yahweh and His son Yahushua.  May Yahweh bless you and keep you in His will and shalom!


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