Out of Depth

courtesy of abc.net.au
    I listened to a grown man audibly near tears on the phone, I found myself in unfamiliar territory. I looked at my loving wife without answer or suggestion, not knowing what to say to a dear faith brother to calm him or comfort him. I was clearly “out of my depth!”
    What do you say to someone when you are dangling between sympathy and apathy, like a rock climber suspended by a rope? Where do you go with a conversation when you can say nothing to change perception, emotion, or affect? Do you just calmly say “I’m listening,” and then wait for them to divulge their inner being until clarity sets in? What if, like I experienced in the prefaced conversation, the other person gets “stuck in a rut,” rambling and repeating themselves, and yet no resolution is near to follow – what do you do? Can you say, “I don’t know what you are going through because I have never experienced it,” or “I’m speechless?”
    My heart aches! I wanted to tell my brother that everything was going to be okay, even more so, I wanted him to believe it. After 2 conversations and 2 men at the brink of exhaustion – no solution came, just men locked in spiritual battle, left in deadlock against a foe with neither form nor name. I pray to the Almighty above, for understanding and guidance for both of us, and for resolution with learning for us all. Father, deliver us all from our tribulations. Shalom Aleichem! (My peace, joy, wholeness, and completeness be with you)

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