Death of Faith – loss of a brother!

A very dear brother of mine has fallen! He physically is not fallen, please let me quickly qualify the previousdead tree statement before it is misunderstood. He has spiritually fallen! He dissolved the brother I once knew to reject everything he knows to enjoy the spoils of the world. He claimed that there is no support, no accountability, and/or no responsibility for each other.
In my reflection on his claims and rationale for his sin, I am left dumbfounded that someone so learned and knowledgeable could fall away from the love of Messiah. Our walk is not necessarily an easy walk and because of the diversity of the Body of the Messiah, some are at different places in that walk – sometimes leading to loneliness. But really and truly, that’s not the answer. When you position yourself in a place without support, without the accountability of brethren, without love and reproof for growth and development, and against the will of the Father, you are setting yourself up for failure. When no one can offer reproof for your wrongs because there is no witness of it, you are very much living a secreted life with hidden fruit derived from the wrong kind of seed. When you lie about misdeeds and accost others who rebuke you righteously, to only come clean at another time, you are a liar, the truth is not in you!
I pray with everything I am, that he comes back to the path! I miss my brother and wish for his repentance and restoration. Only through the will of the Father may he be removed from his delusion and restored to the narrow path.  

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