What if He Said No!!!

  We, as a society, have become quite a “me-driven” society. Life is about the latest, greatest thing and instant gratification. It is also about what I/we think, what I/we feel, what I/we desire/want, what I/we deserve and what I/we should have. Unfortunately, that has also influenced our spiritual views as well – what I/we am/are willing to believe, to do, to accept as truth, to celebrate! We accept only those things that are pleasing and dismiss those that are taxing, trying, or patience-requiring. Which brings one thought to mind – What if our Creator only thought of Himself, what if He said NO?
  What if He decided, like in the days of Noach (Noah), to flood the Earth and end all life and its filthiness and corruption? What if He went back on His word? What if He decided not to send His son, our Messiah to live and die for us? What if the Messiah looked around and said, “you know what, I’m not dying for you?”
  We are so caught up in ourselves that we tell Him no all the time – I will not accept your loving instructions, I will not celebrate YOUR feast days, I will not keep YOUR Sabbath, I will not even say YOUR NAME! We pick apart the Scriptures to find the passages we like and villainize the passages we do not. Even His son was rejected by some of the very souls He sought to reclaim!
  I pray that a moral compass is reinstituted into this world before it is too late. I pray that a great awakening begins, that the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) is poured out opening the eyes and ears to see and hear His word. Remember, Our Messiah and King is not coming back for 2 brides – He is coming back for ONE (the unified Body of Messiah). Be willing to take His narrow path – the path may not be popular, it may not be easy, but the Victory is on the other side!
  May You all be blessed! Shalom Aleichem.

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