Fragility of Life

  ManPrayingWhile reflecting on the birth of my seventh child, I think about the fragility of life. While society, science, medicine, and religious and governmental institutions define the criteria for life, health, happiness, and death, there is nothing in my own personal experience that tells me that any of them have it figured out. What makes one newborn live and another one die? Why does a 84 year old who smokes 3 packs a day live and a 24 year old die from lung cancer? You name the health related ironies and all you are left with is a raw scalp from scratching your head! In that moment, the very moment when all “conventional knowledge” fails, you are left with one truth – It is He that created life, whom breathed his very breath into your lungs, that decides.
  Now you may feel very small and helpless given this concept (fatalist and atheist – you may begin rebelling at this point), but that is the true magnificence of the reality of the matter. You have a Mighty and Loving Elohim and Father who desires to be your help. You are His treasured possession and He has a master plan for you. We may not be able to fathom His decisions, yet we should take solace in that He wishes that no harm should come to any of us –
Tehellim (Psalms) 91:9-12:
(9) Because you have made Yahweh your refuge, And the Most High your dwelling place,
(10) No evil shall happen to you, Neither shall any plague come near your dwelling.
(11) For he will give His messengers (angels) charge over you, To guard you in all your ways.
(12) They will bear you up in their hands, So that you won’t dash your foot against a stone.
I Pray that you have peace of mind, body and soul. Many Blessings to you all!

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