Where’s the Happiness?

HappinessJust a random thought for all: in most versions of the Scriptures, the word happiness is not found! The word “happy” is found mulitple times (25 times in the KJV, 21 in the NKJV, 44 in the RSV, 20 in the NIV, 0 in the ISR or HRB), and in Hebrew is associated with the name Asher which comes from the word “âsher” H833 which means “to go straight, go on, make progress, to set right, to be made happy, be blessed.” To go with that thought, there are no Scriptures guaranteeing happiness or providing for happiness. Unfortunately for mankind, “happiness” is a fleeting and fickle companion, and yet the Father says that if we keep His commands, statutes, and right-rulings that we will be blessed. Just something to think about. May the Almighty Yahweh bless you and keep you, and may He lead you in the paths of righteousness.
Shalom Aleichem!



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