Behind the Name of the Site

High PriestIf  you have looked into any of the studies I have presented thus far, you will notice that I incorporate as much of the Hebrew language and mindset into them as I can. It has been done mostly for exposure to something many of us have never had – a different point of view from the “church teachings”!
The name of the site is something rather precious to me in particular, it is part of who I am.
– The word “benai” is a plural form of the Hebrew word “ben בֵּן (Strongs H1121) meaning “a
son(s), grandson(s), child, member of a group.” It is translated as son (2,978x) & children (1,568x)
– It comes from the 3 letter Hebrew root “banah בָּנָה (Strongs H1129) which means “to build, build up, rebuild, establish, or cause to continue.”
– The word “levi” comes from Hebrew word “leviy לֵוִי (Strongs H3878) which means “to join to or to cling to.” Le’ah, first wife of Ya’aqov (Jacob), thought by having a 3rd son for Ya’aqov that he would love her and “cling to/join to” her.
– It comes from the 3 letter Hebrew root “lavah לָוָה (Strongs H3867) which means “properly, to twine, i.e. (by implication) to unite, to remain; also to borrow (as a form of obligation) or (causatively) to lend:—abide with, borrow(-er), cleave, join (oneself).
– The Sons of Levi were given the priesthood by Yahweh in the wilderness to serve Him and to “cling” to His word. They were to be the means, or instruments, by which the Children of Yisra’el were to join themselves to Our Almighty Father. They were, in other words, “a bridge between the Father and His people.”
– For me, personally, the name Pontiff is derived form the Latin word “Pontifex” meaning “bridge-builder” and was the name ascribed (68x) for those in the priesthood in the Latin Vulgate of the Book of Mark. For others who fit into the levitical line, via dominating personality traits associated with the lineage, or ancient family professions related to the priesthood, or those who know the fullness of their genealogy, or those who seek to be grafted into the tribe, this a great opportunity for us to act as our Forefathers should have – righteously for the Word of Yahweh and His People.
I pray that the Father blesses this venture and pours out His Set-apart Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh) amongst the nations and those who are touched by these studies.
Yahweh Bless and Keep You!
Shalom Aleichem! (My Peace, wholeness and completeness be with you) 

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