Welcome to Benai Levi!

Greetings to all who venture here, We hope and pray that the Scripture studies found here enrich your personal Shofar at eveningstudies and faith in our Almighty Father and Creator – Yahweh of Host. This ministry seeks only to proclaim the truth of Scriptures to the nations through the guiding of the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) and reflect the love of the Messiah – Yahushua!
A couple of notes for the readers of this website:
1.) Please check out the About page for a little more insight into the ministry behind the scriptural studies, the News and Updates page for words of thanks, general information, and links to the newest studies published, and the Blog Page for thoughts and reflections on spiritual life and the Scriptures in everyday life.
2.) Multiple themes will be presented here including: foundational studies, word studies, thematic studies, individual scripture studies, blog commentaries on current events that affect our spiritual walk, as well as studies specifically relevant for men, women, and families through the writings in the Scriptures. We hope you find them challenging and enlightening, and that they cause you, if anything, to open the Word and seek the truth. We caution you that some of these studies may “strike at the face” of current acceptable social norms and social taboos; again we seek not to insult, but to witness to the truth (and the truth shall set you free)! 
3.) If you find anything that you feel does not agree with scripture, feel free to contact us and let us know. We are always available for study and reproof if We are wrong. We seek the truth before the Face of Our Creator and wish to be counted amongst the wise, not the foolish. If you do find error, please present it with “2 or 3 witnesses” (Deu 19:15) from the scripture to justify your position. We will prayerfully consider all and repent of any error if it is proven to be so!
 Thank you for visiting this sight! We shall leave you in the manner in which our Forefathers would:
May Yahweh Bless you and Keep you,
May His Face shine upon you and show you favour,
May He lift up His countenance to you and give you Shalom (Peace, Joy, Wholeness and Completeness)!







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